Experience and diplomas

Personal trainer in Amsterdam since 2007.

I’m trained in:

  • Core academy Power mama: level 1 training and coaching during and after pregnancy / Diastasis check
  • Core academy Power mama: Level 2 Practice day training and coaching during and after pregnancy
  • McGill level 1 : Foundation for the pain-free back. The McGill methode.
  • McGill level 2 : Assessment: Converging on a precise diagnosis
  • Breathing Therapy Energy Control: Stans van der Poel
  • Top Coach Breathing Therapy: Stans van der Poel
  • Functional Coaching: Chivo
  • Functional Pilates: Chivo
  • PHP Personal Hormonal Profiling Overload Worldwide
  • Cios Sports leader: Cios
  • Sport & Nutrition: AFN Aerobic Fitness Nederland
  • Medical Training: AFN Aerobic Fitness Nederland
  • Olympic Weightlifting KNKF: Royal Dutch Strength and Fitness Federation


I also took courses in:

  • Clinic Glute Training: Perfect Performance Clinics
  • Clinic Dead lifting: Perfect Performance Clinics
  • Clinic Torso Stiffness/Abs: Perfect Performance Clinics
  • WHA Woman health academy pregnancy and training
  • Ido Portal The Corset
  • AFN Pregnancy Training
  • Big Ball Pilates: Debbie Jenner’s Pilates Company
  • Chivo various clinics
  • Kettlebell Overload Worldwide
  • First Aid and CPR
  • FMS Human Motion: Functional Movement Screen 1 and 2.