Hey Elles

I just want to say thank you for all of the encouragement and assistance you have provided over the years to help me attain my general fitness and strength goals.

Your advice on nutrition and our work-outs have been fun and effective! One secret goal I had was to be able to do one of these again – and where better to achieve it than on Ipanema Beach!

Thanks again and best,


Thanks again Elles

I am now in my third month working with Elles and I honestly cannot say enough about how good she really is.

I was somewhat fit to begin with, but she always finds a way to challenge me and provide me with advice on how to improve my overall lifestyle. Her endless knowledge is only matched by her passion for fitness – she embodies her profession and truly walks the walk. She consistently creates a comfortable environment while still motivating me to reach the goals she carefully sets out. I look forward to every workout and could not be happier with the results so far.

I highly recommend Elles to anyone and everyone interested in improving themselves; and doing so with a trainer who genuinely cares about understanding you and your body.

Thanks again Elles, you’re the best!
Please just no more leg circles 🙂


Elles keeps on challenging me

I have been training with Elles for more then 3 years now and although I am long “hooked” and disciplined to sport on my own, on a regular basis, I still benefit from the advantages of working with a personal trainer.

Elles keeps on challenging me and finding creative new ways to keep the training effective and fun. All I have to do is show up.

It is rare to meet a person who is so passionate, professional and dedicated to her work, which is why I am glad I decided to work with Elles.
And if she managed to get me into a training routine, than she can for sure do it with you!


I would wholeheartedly recommend Elles!

I have been working out with Elles for over two years. The results have been wonderful. Elles listens very closely to her client’s needs and creates a routine focused on obtaining results.

But that’s not all, she also motivates her clients to live healthier lives and think of the big picture in terms of their overall health and well being. Elles went out of her way to speak to my physical therapist to better understand issues I was having, and worked with me and the physio to revise my work-out program accordingly.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Elles!

Pain is gone, muscles are strengthened

Since 15 months I have Elles as my personal trainer and the story about my experiences is short and somehow impressive:

I came to Amsterdam working 3 years basically “day & night” and doing no regular sport at all anymore. This caused at the end of those 3 years pain in my the whole body. No doctor – after endless checks – could help so I contacted a Fysio. He could help me only partly but recommended to start with a personal trainer, bringing me together with Elles.

Training was from the very beginning a round program strengthening the entire body & muscle system, 1 hour each session. The training program  has gradually increased in intensity, always in steps which were “digestible” and appropriate for me – not too easy, not too much, not going beyond  personal limits. I trained on average 4-6 times per month with Elles and another 4-6 times/m for myself. Pain is gone, muscles are strengthened and it is simply happiness being back to former constitution and strength.

I will continue further to train 4-6 times/m with Elles.


Amsterdam, October 2016

I always look forward our training sessions

I am a man who has played sports for his whole life, and has trained five times per week for over thirty years.
I have worked with many trainers in Amsterdam and other cities, and Elles is the best I have found. She is very precise about technique, tailors your program perfectly to your needs and abilities, and is always positive and motivating.

When I had a back injury she created special exercises and I have had no more problems since then.

Also my friends notice that I have become even stronger and I always respond that it is from “trainenmetelles.” I always look forward our training sessions..

Thanks Elles you are the wonderwoman!

Before meeting Elles, I had been training for roughly a decade by myself, using books and magazines as a guide. Although I had built up muscle mass, my body never seemed to look the way I hoped it would when I started training.

Frustrated, I decided to look for a trainer and luckily decided to go with Elles. At first I wasn’t so sure when she completely changed the way I trained focussing on things I mistakenly had thought were ‘unimportant’. Things she knew were the vital areas I had neglected that held the key to my success. Within a few weeks the changes in my body were pretty radical! My friends were all admiring the improvements and I was feeling great. She also very cleverly found a way to strengthen an injured knee by developing all the supporting areas around it; and now full free standing barbell squats – an exercise impossible for me to do before – have become the cornerstone of my workout routine!

Now almost 6 months later I have very nearly reached that illusive ideal mental picture of my body I have striven for for over a decade. More than that I cannot ask for!

Additionally, Elles listens carefully to my needs and the swiftly designs my exercise programme accordingly. She is always teaching me new tricks and techniques and just when I think I have got a technique mastered she shows me how to take it that one step further! She knows exactly what needs to change and when, how to motivate me and keep me interested in my workouts; and most importantly she is a LOT of fun to work out with. I can’t recommend her more highly, and I hope to be training with her for a long time to come!

Thanks Elles you are the wonderwoman! 😉

Best, Chad